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Why Chose us - What we do
Our wealth of experience over all RIBA stages of work allows us to tailor our services to your needs. We help guide our clients project from Inception (Stage 0) to Practical Completion (Stage 7), below is a summary of each stage.


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Tailoring each projects needs to meet your requirements, we offer practical solutions to your brief 

What we do

Our wealth of experience over all RIBA stages of work allows us to tailor our services to our clients needs. We help guide a project from insertion to practical completion, below is a summary of each stage.

With our expertise, we can provide the architectural solution that meets your needs.


Initial Feasibilities 0 - 2
Residential Self Builds 0 - 4
Full Architectural Services 0 -7
Planning & Listed Building Consent
3D Visuals & Interior Design
Design & Build
Contract Administration
Condition Reports & Inspections
NEC Contract Supervisor
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RIBA Full Services

We offer a full service which allows you to obtain our expertise from RIBA Stage 0 Inception through to Stage 7 completion as per the RIBA Plan of Work 2020.

RIBA Stage 0    - Strategic Definition
RIBA Stage 1    - Preparation and Brief
RIBA Stage 2    - Concept Design
RIBA Stage 3    - Developed Design
RIBA Stage 4i   - Technical Design

RIBA Stage 4ii  - Construction Information

RIBA Stage 4iii - Tendering & Contract Administration
RIBA Stage 5    - Construction
RIBA Stage 6    - Handover and Close Out
RIBA Stage 7    - In Use

An outline of these can be seen below

Exclusions - All our exclusions are outlined in out appendices of our fee quotation 

What do RIBA Stages of work mean? - RIBA Stage 0-7
Example of services provided at different stages

Measured Surveys - RIBA Stage 1
A measured survey of existing property and the production of existing plans, elevations and cross sections.  These drawings will form the basis of all subsequent proposals.  We will obtain quotations for a Topographical Survey (if deemed necessary). This will provide data for Site levels, manholes etc.

Feasibility Design - RIBA Stage 2
We will prepare suitably annotated drawings based upon your requirements in order that you can decide on the extent of the proposal.  We will also discuss the proposals with the Planning Department as a Pre-Application consultation.

Planning Applications - RIBA Stage 3

We will finalize the design proposals in consultation with you and submit a relevant, formal Planning Application to the Local Authority. We offer advice and services for each categories of planning application, including:

Householder Applications
Full Planning Applications
Outline Planning Consent
Reserved Matters
Listed Building Consent
Advertisement Consent
Removal/Variation of Planning Conditions
Applications for Non-Material Amendments

Building Regulations - RIBA Stage 4
We will prepare all necessary constructional details required for a Building Regulation submission. This normally includes; dimensional plans, elevations and sections etc. together with sufficient specification notes and details and submit the Building Regulations Application.

On Site Works RIBA Stages 5-7

We oversee all areas of the construction process, including obtaining competitive tender quotations from our list of approved building contractors, through to contract and construction management. 

We will also undertake site inspections and administer all agreed contract details/items between yourself and the appointed contractor to ensure the project runs efficiently from the start to hand-over.

Self Builds

We offer a range of approaches for creating a bespoke home that suits your needs.

Design & Build

We offer our services on a range of projects adopting a Design & Build method. From one off, contemporary houses to larger projects such as our recent schemes - RNLI lifesaving centre, Burry Port and Marine Centre of Excellence, Saundersfoot.

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RIBA Plan of Work 2020

We offer a full service which allows you to obtain our expertise from RIBA Stage 0 through to Stage 7 as per the RIBA Plan of Work 2020.

RIBA Stage 0 - Strategic Definition
RIBA Stage 1 - Preparation and Brief
RIBA Stage 2 - Concept Design
RIBA Stage 3 - Developed Design
RIBA Stage 4 - Technical Design 
RIBA Stage 5 - Construction
RIBA Stage 6 - Handover and Close Out
RIBA Stage 7 - In Use

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